12 Trending Products To Sell In 2019

AMZ Seller Financing   •   December 24, 2018

trending products 2019

With 2018 soon to be over, and the holiday season soon behind us, you need to start thinking about what’s to come. Because, before you know it, 2019 will be here – and you better be prepared.

It’s important to learn right away which product will become “trendy” in the following year, so that you can plan accordingly and crush it will your e’commerce sales. Here are 12 picks for the products we think will be the most sought after.

12 Trending Products to Sell 2019

1. Waterproof Eyebrow Liner

Of all things women hate, a ruined makeup is probably one off the worst. That’s why waterproof eyebrow liners are all the rage. They can be useful for hot days or the gym.

Women love using them because they’re a great help. Beauty products in general are very popular among women, and waterproof liners are definitely one of them.

2. Cat Massage Comb

You would be surprised how many people have pets, and how many of them go to great lengths to keep their pets happy. Massage combs are one of the latest products people are absolutely crazy about, so consider adding it to your store.

Even better, you can create a specialized section in your online store, for all products pet-related. Customers would have an easy time shopping with you, coming back for more.

3. Drone Camera

A couple of years ago, when drones first appeared, they took the world by storm. In a short period of time, they became very popular.

But now, we also have drone cameras, and there is a high demand for these products. There are so many people who love new-tech devices, and the market keeps growing. Drone cameras are definitely one of the biggest upcoming trends.

4. Home Security IP Camera

IP cameras became very popular because they allow users more freedom. You can see the footage on your smartphone, because the camera is connected to the internet. This is definitely a major trend these days, so consider selling it in 2019.

5. Car Phone Holder

We’re on the topic of safety. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and people use them all the time, even while driving.

With a phone holder, people will have an easy time using their smartphone, without compromising their safety. All things smartphone are basically worth selling, because the market is huge.

6. Child Wrist Leash

This may sound like a strange little product, but it’s actually becoming more and more popular. It’s especially popular among young moms who take their children shopping or elsewhere. A child wrist leash allows you to be relaxed and not worry about losing your child in a mall or some other crowded place.

7. Wireless Phone Charger

As we already mentioned, smartphones are phone accessories are all the rage now. And one of the most popular accessories today is definitely the wireless phone charger.

People simply love all devices that don’t have a wire attached to them, because it allows more freedom. And soon enough, we’ll all switch to wireless chargers and say goodbye to wires.

8. Smartwatch

Do people actually buy these things? Oh, yes – and the sales figures will surprise you. In 2018, over $140 million smartwatches have been sold! Talk about a trend… So, if you weren’t sure, now you know that people love smartwatches, and the sales have never been better.

9. Posture Corrector

If you’re not sure where to start, or what to add to your e-commerce store, a posture corrector is a great product to have. So many people have problems with their posture, because of health problems or work-related problems. Posture correctors are becoming more and more popular.

10. Front-Facing Baby Carrier

This product is both fun and practical, which is the main reason it became so popular. Babies love being carried around and being close to their parents. And parents enjoy the fact their hands are free, they can attend to other things without needing to push a stroller. Front-facing baby carriers are definitely a top-selling trend.

11. Inflatable Pet Collar

So many online sellers don’t even know about this product, which is a real shame. We mentioned how all things pet-related are extremely popular, and it also goes for inflatable pet collars.

They can be used for travelling, but a vast majority of pet owners use them to protect their pets after an injury, especially if it’s a face injury. If you’re into selling pet-related accessories, look no further.

12. E-liquid Refiller

Smoking is still one of the biggest bad habits in the world, and millions of people are trying hard to give up cigarettes. A lot of them switch to e-cigarettes, as a transitional period, and that’s when they these refillers. The trend of e-cigarettes shows no signs of stopping, so consider adding e-liquid refillers to your e-commerce store.

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