4 Marketing Strategies for New Etsy Sellers

AMZ Seller Financing   •   February 11, 2019

Etsy marketing

The success of any given business depends on a number of factors. Being a business owner, you would understand that marketing is one of the most important factors. Especially if you have your business or shop on a platform like Etsy.

Then, you should keep in mind that to become a successful Etsy seller, marketing is a huge percentage of your business’s success.

What is Etsy?

If you are new to Etsy, you should know that it is a global marketplace for highly creative and unique goods. It is an e-commerce platform that connects people who are looking for a variety of exclusive and exceptional products with sellers from around the world.

If you are already selling on Etsy, you probably have wondered how you can make your shop more effective and how you can market it better to generate more revenue.

There is no single magical marketing fix or strategy for your Etsy business. Yet, there are numerous tactics that you can follow to promote your goods and boost your sales.

Here are some of the most effective marketing strategies for new Etsy sellers to successfully market your shop.

Etsy Marketing Strategies 

1. Use the Right Social Media Mix 

Etsy and social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram go hand-in-hand. These social media channels can be an excellent and effective way to advertise and market your Etsy products.

All you have to do is create attractive pictures of your products. Then, you can showcase them and share them with your followers.

An important thing to understand and keep in mind here is that each platform is different and has unique features. So, you must optimize all your product campaigns to align with the requirements of the social media platform you use.

This comes in particularly handy especially when you are a new Etsy seller. In the initial business stages, you have to build your crowd, which takes due time, effort and patience.

A major advantage with social media platforms is that they offer great opportunities for personal interaction with customers. That, in turn, can give a major boost to your sales.

2. Offer Tiered Pricing

Tier pricing is a pricing strategy to attract customers to your products and encourage them to buy your product in large quantities. You can do so by giving them discounts based on the order quantity.

The word “tiered” refers to segmentation of prices. Within it, the price is defined per unit within a given range. The price per unit decreases as a particular quantity within a given tier is sold.

In other words, as the order quantity increases, so do the “tiered” discounts.

For example, if all you had to offer were $30 bubblegum machines, you would actually be restricting your customer base.

But if you offered a $10 item as well as a $70 item, you would be attracting different buyers with varying spending capacities. You could go on to including big ticket-items in your shop. They will make it all the more exciting and attractive.

Another advantage of the tiered pricing strategy is that you will be able to offer products for entry-level shoppers. So, they can test and check your products first before making huge orders.

3. Introduce a Loyalty Program

When you are new on a platform such as Etsy, chances are that your shop and your products aren’t particularly popular. They may not have exactly gained the kind of hype that you want them to have.

However, you can definitely turn that around by introducing a loyalty program or a frequent-customer card for your new customers.
Your loyalty program can include discounts, prize offers, and other similar incentives. These will attract customers to your shop and market your products all across the platform.

This will act as a great incentive for new customers to do business with you. And it will also have them coming back to you in the future.

4. Product Roundup

Attracting a large number of people or huge crowds of customers and fans is never an easy job. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your product in front of thousands of people with great effectiveness and efficiency.

Product roundup is a marketing technique that requires you to follow a few steps to market your product.

Firstly, you need to pick your top 3 or 4 products that you particularly wish to market.

Then, create a theme centers around these products. Remember, the theme has to be exceptionally appealing that prominently showcases your products.

Next, browse or search through Etsy for similar products that complement your theme. An important point to remember here is that the products you pick must be complementary and not competitive.

Arrange all products and items together into a single picture and number them.

Make sure to optimize all the images for Pinterest and Instagram. You can even add a small write-up or blog post with the product images.

The last step is to add direct links to shops where all these mentioned products are available. And then, send all the graphics and blog post links to shop owners whose shops you included in your product roundup. Encourage them to promote and share it with their followers.

This is a great way for new Etsy sellers to market their product and create a certain hype that is likely to result in sales and promotions.

As a new Etsy seller, it will definitely take a fair share of your time and effort to build a customer base. The key is to build a cohesive brand.

Work on developing a strong brand message for your shop along with banners, logos, item descriptions, product photography, and packaging.

And sooner than you will realize, you will see your sales double or even triple!

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