5 Things You SHOULDN’T DO if You’re a New Amazon Seller

AMZ Seller Financing   •   June 4, 2018

how to sell on amazon

Starting out on Amazon is very easy, because you can set up your online store and start selling in a couple of hours, but it there are also a couple of things you should know beforehand. Getting started is easy, sure, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful right away – or at any point, for that matter.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of five things that are to be avoided if your goal is to succeed as a new Amazon seller.

Mistakes of a New Amazon Seller

1. Trying to Compete with Amazon

This is practically impossible, so don’t even think about it. Of course, anything is possible in theory. So, you could theoretically try and compete with Amazon Retail, but you most likely won’t make a lot of sales. You might do a little bit, but it will be nothing compared to what Amazon Retail makes.

Therefore, if you’re just starting out, the safe bet would be to steer clear of any kind of competing with Amazon Retail. For starters, you can check whether Amazon offers something you’d like to order for your inventory. This way, you will save money and focus your energy on what is worthwhile. Just because you’ve entered the ring doesn’t mean you can fight for the heavyweight title – take your time and built your online store gradually.

2. Neglecting to Gather Customer Feedback

Without customer feedback, you can end up being completely lost. Every growing business needs to hear back from its customers, in order to come up with a successful business strategy.

And you don’t need to wait for the customers to give their feedback – you are allowed to ask them for feedback. There’s nothing wrong with that, on the contrary! By asking your customers for feedback, you will actually help them feel cherished and cared for. This is ultimately something every customer wants, deep down. Therefore, make it a priority to gather customer feedback and incorporate it into your business strategy. By reaching out to your target base this way, you will, in turn, be able to:

  • get new, fresh ideas about developing your online store
  • stay in contact with your customers i.e. the lifeline of your business
  • put things in perspective and see where you’re going as a growing online store

3. Having a Sloppy Approach to Inventory

Once you create a listing for your Amazon store, the inventory will be visible from the get-go. Therefore, it’s very important to state exactly where your inventory is at. For example, if you have no inventory, then that’s exactly what you should put. On the other hand, be sure not to oversell, because that may lead to your account being suspended.

4. Forgetting to Answer Customer Inquiries

This is definitely up there with the things that can make or break your online business. You practically have 24 hours to answer to a customer inquiry. If you cross it, it may result in some negative things, such as being warned by Amazon and, eventually, suspending your account.

That is why it’s crucial that you put enough time into developing your customer inquiry strategy. There are many software providers you can ask for help, so be sure to do that – your future on Amazon depends on that.

5. Making Fulfillment Errors

This is also one of the things which cause problems for a new Amazon seller, especially if they have practically no experience. When you fulfill an Amazon order, make sure that it’s done properly. And remember – there is no improvising on this, it must be done in the best way possible.

It is especially important that your first couple of orders are done properly, because you need to establish yourself as a professional on the global marketplace. Don’t be late shipping an order, don’t make a mistake fulfilling tracking information, etc.. The most important piece of advice is this: if you’re not sure about the way to do these things right, then be sure to move your inventory to Amazon’s Fulfillment; this way, Amazon will take care of everything, and you won’t have to worry about these things, being able to focus on your business.

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