7 Essential Tools to Help You Sell on Amazon

AMZ Seller Financing   •   July 30, 2018

Amazon seller tools

Okay, so you’re all set up: you’ve created an Amazon account, verified it, and now you’re ready to start selling. But every trade needs its tools. And so does Amazon selling. Yes, you’ve made the most important step, that’s true. But, the truth is – you will need more than that in order to really make it. Do you know that there are many Amazon seller tools that can help you along the way?

Today, there are so many web services that can actually facilitate the whole process of Amazon selling for you. You don’t need to do everything by yourself; it’s all broken down for you. But since it’s getting harder and harder to make the best pick alone, we want to help you out, by making a compiled list. Here are 7 essential Amazon seller tools that will help you become a better seller and earn more money on Amazon. These are placed in no particular order, as all of them will prove quite useful to you.

7 Essential Amazon Seller Tools

1. JungleScout

Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t – but JungleScout will do wonders for your online sales. We’ve already talked about how important it is to know what to sell if you want to make it on Amazon. Therefore, JungleScout is something you absolutely cannot miss out on. It is a kind of database, where you can go through different product categories and find the right type of items to sell on your Amazon store. All the relevant information is laid out for you, so that you can make a sound business decision and venture (or not) into a given market. If you really want to stay ahead of the competition, JungleScout is a must-have. Once you start using it, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

2. AMZ Tracker

If you’re into Amazon selling, you will need to track keywords and keyword ranking. This will help you know where you’re at and, what’s equally important – what your competitors are doing. What’s great about AMZ Tracker is that it also has a SEO feature; this will do wonders for your keyword ranking, as you’ll have direct insight into the SEO processes going on. You will know exactly what you’re doing right, but also what areas you’ll need to improve in order to rank higher and increase sales. When it comes to keyword research, AMZ Tracker is definitely something worth checking out.

3. Keyword Inspector

What makes this web service stand out from the crowd is that it’s not just one tool – it’s a suite of Amazon seller tools, and they’re all fantastic for Amazon sellers. It will help you research all kinds of keywords (both for sellers and buyers) and lead you to all related keywords. If you want to see how your listings rank, the Indexation Tester will help you out, because through it you’ll be able to make sure that your target audience can find you with ease. But Keyword Inspector offers even more than that: help with finding long-tail keywords, Amazon visibility optimizer, and many other great features. Don’t miss out on it.

4. Keepa

In order to become a great Amazon seller, you’ll need to follow the prices on the market, and watch them closely. There’s no point in selling if you’re not reasonable in coming up with the best prices for your type of products. Enter Keepa – an online tool that will help you track prices like a pro. With it, you will see price history, news on the latest price drops, as well as alerts for new price availability in a certain category. On top of this, there is also international support, enabling you to follow prices in 11 countries. If you want to track the price range on the market, Keepa is on the cutting edge.

5. Unicorn Smasher

At first glance, this is quite a pompous name, but in the case of Unicorn Smasher – it’s true. This is really an excellent service that can really help you turn your Amazon store into a high-selling machine. It offers you an insight into product information (price range, best-selling product ranking, sale estimates, product reviews, etc.), helping you expand your knowledge about the current market trends. And the cherry on the cake is its dashboard, where you will have all the information at your disposal. Unicorn Smasher is a fantastic tool for making sale estimates and safe business investments; once you discover it, you’ll never look back. Start using it and see for yourself.

6. MerchantWords

Apart from being a cool-sounding name, this is actually just what the web service does: it helps you learn more about the words used on the Amazon-selling market. What MerchantWords does is collecting keywords from Amazon, but it also goes beyond that; it also collects keyword information from other websites, giving you a thorough insight into what’s hot on the market and how buyers are thinking and what they’re searching for. Many Amazon sellers praise it for being a compendium on all things keyword. Take it for a spin.

7. CamelCamelCamel

Don’t be put off by the funny-sounding name: this is also one of the popular apps among Amazon sellers out there. Basically, CamelCamelCamel functions as a price tracker for Amazon, which you can use for price drop alerts. For example, if you have a certain price (or prices) you want to track, you can set the app to send you email notifications as soon as a drop takes place. With it, you can also track historical price charts and become more knowledgeable about the market fluctuations. Maybe the name sounds funny, but the service can be of great help.

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