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E-Commerce Seller Financing offers a simplified and easy way for e-tailers to obtain loans. Where other agencies have sky-high rates and sneaky fees with complex amortization tables, we have simple terms and no hidden fees. The process also is extremely quick. Instead of weeks, you can often get approved on the same day. We have made it possible and easy for marketplace sellers to get a small business loan at E-Commerce Seller Financing.

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Our Team


Whitt Lee


Whitt has a history in investing and working with small to medium size businesses. The holding company – WLP Corp – primarily invests in three areas: financial services, transportation, and energy. WLP sold it’s financial service company, which helped small businesses manage their accounts receivable and provided funds for the accounts, in August of 2017. WLP then started an e-commerce lending company to provide monies to marketplace sellers. Currently WLP and Chad Capooth have formed and established three divisions to provide financing to e-commerce sellers so they can increase their inventory and grow. These are AMZ Seller Financing, Etsy Seller Financing and Revenue Based Financing.


Chad Capooth


Chad has spent 10+ years in the Credit & Lending industry. He previously served as a Portfolio Manager for Transfac Capital. There he specialized in helping small businesses by providing accounts receivable financing. Prior to Transfac Capital, he served as the Operations Manager of Unlimited Working Capital, Inc. As a start up company, he managed to grow the business month over month by offering innovative alternative financial products. As a former Credit Manager of National Bankers Trust, Chad managed a portfolio of more than $70 million dollars comprised of over 500 clients. He became proficient at financing small businesses while mitigating risk for the clients.

Lindsey Podawiltz

Marketing Director

Lindsey is a seasoned business and account manager with 8+ years of leadership experience. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for project managerial solutions, as well as for creating innovative event coordination and branding programs with a corporate presence, she has a verifiable history of contributing directly to company growth and expansion throughout her career. She has consistently exceeded budgetary and performance goals and is adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure. Professional focal points include client goals and satisfaction, account management, marketing and branding strategies, event coordination, budget administration, numerous facets of project managerial excellence, and infrastructure improvements to include team development and efficiency initiatives. Colleagues describe Lindsey as a creative, organized, and resourceful brand and marketing project manager who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver profitable results on time and under budget.

Why we are the better option

Every business needs financial impetus in order to succeed in the market. It is the same in the online world. If your business doesn’t generate enough income, it won’t be sustainable. But also, if you don’t have enough money to get started, you won’t be able to grow a business in the first place. With the advent of Internet, the situation on the global market has changed significantly. The world became a smaller place, while on the other hand – the market got bigger, and business possibilities quadrupled.

Just some 10-15 years ago, the only way to get a loan for your business was through a bank. There simply weren’t any other options. And if you failed to provide all the paperwork, or if the bank found some other obstacle in your financial information – a loan was simply denied to you. Do you know how many businesses failed because they couldn’t obtain a bank loan? Do you know how many more business didn’t even have a chance to start, let alone operate on the market. All that happens because of one simple reason – it was extremely hard to obtain a loan.

What loan options do you have now?

Luckily, the situation has changed – and it has changed for the better. Today, if you want to obtain a loan for your business – including your Amazon store – you don’t have to go through a bank. You can, of course – but you don’t have to. In other words, you are not limited to your local bank. Even better: your future success as an online seller doesn’t depend on being approved from a bank. This kind of financial freedom was pure science fiction just a couple of decades ago. There has never been a better time to become an online seller than today. And it will be even easier tomorrow.

However, you will probably still need a business loan if you want to start selling on Amazon. There are still costs that need to be covered. If nothing else, you will still need to spend some money on your stock, marketing, etc.. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it won’t work if you have $0 at your disposal. This is especially important if you are trying to turn Amazon selling into your full-time income source. The risk is always high, because the competition has always been fierce. But it is possible – you just need enough money to set everything up and get started.

As we said, the Internet has changed everything – including the way we obtain loans. Now, you can turn to a provider of online loans, and start your business in no time. And you know what the best thing is? It’s actually a lot easier to obtain an online loan than ask a bank and go through a ton of paperwork and waiting periods. That time is long gone. Online loans are the future. If you want to know more, just keep on reading for the major pros of obtaining an online loan for your Amazon store.

1. Quick approval

Yes, the waiting period is finally over! And it’s gone for good. In the past, you had to wait hours on end before you can hear the “final verdict” from the bank. Nowadays, it’s much, much simpler. If you go to an online lender, you will hear back from them within minutes, and they will tell whether or not you got the loan. This way, you’re actually saving a lot of valuable time, having more energy left to work on your online store. Just remember how it was with a bank: you first fill out a form (or forms!) and wait who knows how long before you get a response. With an online lender, you are actually moving much faster and getting more things done.

2. Easier approval

Unfortunately, as the years roll on, banks are becoming greedier. And their approval process has become very picky. But with online lenders, the situation is completely different. You are actually able to get an online loan even if you have low credit score, or no credit history – which is a major breakthrough. An online lender will also use some alternative information to make sure you are creditworthy (e.g. utility payment). For the vast majority of banks, this procedure is absolutely unthinkable. And that’s precisely why online lenders get the upper hand and disrupt the online selling market.

3. Lower interest rates

Banks are a different breed than online lenders and, because of their specific nature, they have a whole set of problems online lenders don’t have. One of the biggest problems banks face are the regulatory costs, which can be pretty high, depending on the bank in question. Because of this, banks are forced to increase their interest rates and service fees. Ultimately, this means that you have to pay more to the bank, just to keep it from closing down. On the other hand, online lenders have much lower interest rates. You will pay them less, thus reducing your expenses. You both save money and obtain money through a loan.

We offer a straightforward and clear process with simple and easy-to-understand terms.

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