10 Blog Post Ideas for Your E-Commerce Blog

E-Commerce Seller Financing   •   January 20, 2020

Blog post ideas

Having a blog can be incredibly beneficial for your e-commerce business. It can not only help your business gain customer loyalty and attention but also boost your SEO rankings and directing more organic traffic to your blog. Yet, you may be feeling confused and wondering what do you actually blog about? Let’s take a look at some blog post ideas to make sure that your blog always delivers quality information to your customers.

10 Blog Post Ideas

1. How-To Posts

Modern Internet users are eager to learn, and technology allows them to access a wide variety of information. You can develop a variety of simple how-to posts that are relevant to your industry as well as spice things up with celebrity how-to posts. For instance, if you sell beauty products, you can write a variety of posts on how different celebrities style their hair or do their makeup.

2. Ultimate Guide

As an expert in your industry, you can develop a guide covering every step in detail that your readers need to take to achieve a specific result, for instance, “The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Children’s Birthday Party.”

You can also make guides on everything your potential buyers need to know about a specific topic. So, if you are selling pet toys, you can develop “The Ultimate Guide to Pugs” on every detail that a pug owner may need to know.

Consider putting together beginner’s guides and advanced guides, too. They will answer different needs and attract different readers.

3. Explanatory Posts

If there is a widely misunderstood topic in your industry, then you can take advantage of the situation and give your perspective on the issue. Explanatory posts are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry who delivers reliable and explicit information.

4. List Posts

List posts are excellent blog post ideas when you aren’t sure about what you should post. They are not only useful but also relatively easy to develop. Moreover, readers like them too. Human brains are naturally designed to respond well to lists, and they are easy to read or even skim through when your readers may not have enough time.

5. Posts Backed by Science

Find a claim that is relevant to your industry and look into the science behind it. While readers may not be familiar with your brand, they will be able to rely on science. So, you can use this opportunity to retain their interest and direct it to your products.

6. Controversial Posts

If you would like to get some extra exposure, controversial posts are great blog posts ideas to get your potential buyers talking. With this move, however, you need to be careful. Ruffling some feathers can be beneficial, but you do not want to repel your target audience in the process.

7. “Little Known” Posts

As an expert in your e-commerce niche, you know quite a few things that your buyers may not be familiar with. Why not share a few of them? You can make your readers feel honored and respected by giving them a little insider perspective and rare tips.

8. Quizzes

Quizzes are not only helpful but highly entertaining. Website platforms such as WordPress also have a variety of plugins that allow you to build quizzes that prompt your readers to leave their contact information with you before they can see their results. This is an excellent way of growing your e-mail list that you can later inform about your offers and promotions.

9. Tutorials

While products come with user manuals, there is a high chance that buyers never read them. So, having useful tutorials on your blog can help potential customers solve problems they may have, especially if they give an expert’s perspective. So, consider posts such as “A Tutorial to Taking DSLR-Quality Photos with Your iPhone.”

10. FAQ Posts

There are plenty of questions that your target audience may have about your industry. Take advantage of that and answer them in detail. If you are not sure what these questions are, take a look at the “People Also Ask” section in your Google searches. Those are a great place to start.

While Blog Post Ideas Matter, Consistency Is Key

Keep in mind that one or two posts will not be enough. The Internet is saturated, and you need to blog consistently to ensure that it’s delivering the results that you expect.

Does your e-commerce website have a blog? Which of our blog post ideas are you going to try next?