8 Passive Income Products to Sell On Etsy

AMZ Seller Financing   •   March 18, 2019

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If you have an Etsy shop, most of your time is probably spent worrying about delivering daily orders on time without making any mistakes. You might even wonder if you could do the work once for which you just keep getting paid. 

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, you no longer have to worry about that. Etsy, the ultimate global marketplace, brings an excellent solution for that. With its Instant Digital Download feature, it has made things easy and convenient for all online business owners

How to Generate Passive Income through Etsy 

If you haven’t done it already, it is time to stock your shop on Etsy with passive-income products that don’t require you to actively manage all products your shop anymore

All you need to do is list your products on the shop and let them earn income for you.

Passive income products are an excellent way to generate income and boost sales through Etsy on autopilot. While getting the shop up and running it will obviously take a fair amount of time and effort. However, maintaining it will be a breeze.

8 Etsy Ideas for Passive Income Products 

1. Printable Planners  

You will find a number of people selling printable planners on the Etsy platform, but that shouldn’t stop you from selling them too. Your focus should be on making your product highly unique and innovative. One that makes potential customers push the ‘buy’ button without giving it a second thought

People look for printable planners online. Then, they decide on the one they really like, print it, and either staple it together or clip it to their clipboard. 

You can sell individually customized planners or the entire planner kits as a whole. 

These planners can include everything and anything from specialty planners to daily-use everyday planners. For example, you can have:

  • meal planners,
  • budget planners,
  • weekly planners,
  • monthly calendars,
  • wedding planners,
  • etc.

2. Printable Wall Art  

Most people with a knack for experimenting and decorating are almost always looking for ideas and creative ways to upgrade their home. And most of the time, they are looking for something that doesn’t burn a hole in their pockets yet provides them with the kind of uniqueness they are looking for

What could be a better way to satisfy such people and bring an end to their search of décor items other than printable wall art

Walls are the most commonly preferred area of the house for decoration purposes. Potential customers who are looking for something like this are likely to explore your Etsy shop, pick out what they like, print it out themselves, and hang it wherever they want.  

Again, the key here is to focus on the product, quality and making it stand apart from those of your competitors’.  

Some interesting and innovative items that you can have on your shop are: 

  • funny quotes,  
  • kitchen art,  
  • inspirational wall quotes,  
  • animations,  
  • etc.  

3. Customized Fonts 

As strange as it may sound, selling customized fonts is an excellent way of generating passive income through your Etsy shop. If you have a knack for graphic design and hand-lettering, this is a great option for you.  

You can use your expertise in this area by creating and designing fonts of your own. Create ones that are different and totally new. 

This is a great product option because many businesses are often looking for a unique font for their branding.  

And let’s face it, many popular fonts available these days have become common and basic.  

4. Party Invitations 

Every time someone hosts a birthday party, a graduation party, or any kind of party, what drives them to an edge are party invitations

Some people look for super fancy and extravagant invitations. Others often want something low-key and simple. 

You can sell customized party invitations of different kinds on your Etsy shop. Your customers could print directly from your shop. It will bring people the comfort and convenience of having printable invitations just a click away

5. Innovative Templates  

How often have you struggled with finding readily available templates for almost everything from your CV to an invitation that you could just fill and save yourself a whole lot of time

Well, it is time for you to put an end to this struggle for other people. Create editable templates with the help of software like Photoshop, InDesign, or Adobe Reader that buyers can fill in themselves.  

A few examples include templates for:  

  • photo albums,
  • resumes,  
  • announcement cards,  
  • marketing materials,  
  • etc.  

6. Stock Photos 

Online business owners and bloggers often search for creative and top-quality stock-photos. While some don’t have adequate time to devote to photography, others simply lack the resources and photography skills.  

Your Etsy shop can be quite a life-saver in such situations where potential buyers are looking for cheap yet quality photos for their projects or businesses.  

Stock images are basically already created and existing photos that are available for use and require payment of a particular fee amount to the artist or the author. While the author retains the copyrights of their work, the second party can legally use them for different purposes.  

Your goal is to create attractive and unique photos. Then, categorize them into specific themes so that you have groups or bundles of different photos based on subjects and themes.  

7. Clipart  

If you didn’t already know, Etsy has a huge market for graphics and clipart. Designers and business owners often search for clipart to use in their projects.  

Clipart is a form of electronic graphic that includes symbols, pictures, and illustrations that are entirely different from photographic images.

So, offer a set of reasonable and creative clipart illustrations that are totally unique and appealing

8. Labels 

With such heightened competition between online businesses these days, everyone is trying to gain an upper hand over the other and make their product or shop stand out the most

These businesses are often looking for creative and innovative ways to make their products unique and distinct. One of the many things they look for is fancy and fun labels they could attach to their products. 

A lot of them require sticky labels with beautiful designs because simple and white labels aren’t attractive anymore

If you have an aptitude for designing creative things, labels could very well be the best-selling item on your Etsy shop. You can sell them as a PDF and all that people would need to do is download them and print them in an instant.  

So, which passive income product do you think would work best for your shop on Etsy? 

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