Want To Expand Your E-Commerce Business? Why You Should Consider Rakuten.com

AMZ Seller Financing   •   January 21, 2019


In today’s time, the online world, particularly the internet has made it very convenient and easy for small businesses to sell their items and products to consumers all around the globe. These e-commerce businesses have also established a strong online presence, catering to people on a daily basis.

There is so much competition going around and the number of online businesses being established almost every day. Many people have been striving towards expanding their e-commerce businesses.

To help you do that, there are numerous e-commerce platforms and online sites that aim to empower retailers to help grow their businesses and maximize their exposure in the online market.

If you are also looking to expand your e-commerce business, Rakuten.com is an amazing platform for you, which is basically a one-stop e-commerce solution for your business.

What Is Rakuten.com?

This is basically a Japanese e-commerce giant. It aims to offer a wide selection of products for you to discover and purchase. It also promises to deliver a remarkable shopping experience.

Rakuten is a marketplace that works with the goal or mission to empower retailers in a way that helps them build a connection with their buyers. It also persuades online business owners to build individual relationships with their customers and go the extra mile for them.

Today, it is extremely easy to spread out your sales and expand incrementally. Rakuten.com encourages you to use its incredibly unique marketing tools to maximize the exposure of your business.

This platform covers numerous categories. However, if your business is all about sporting goods, electronics, home and outdoor, jewelry, and health and beauty, Rakuten.com is what you need to expand your e-commerce business.

A few of Rakuten’s highlighting features is that it focuses on the things that are beyond transactional experiences to customers. It gives its merchants a chance to share innovative ideas. Rakuten also encourages businesses to satisfy their customers with quality content, products and reviews in order to build long lasting relationships with them.

Why You Should Consider Rakuten.com for Your E-Commerce Business

There are many reasons why Rakuten.com is your solution to expand your e-commerce business. It comes with incredible benefits and plus points.

Here is why you should consider it.

1. To Promote Your Brand

One of the biggest advantages of working with Rakuten.com is that it allows you to build a highly branded storefront. The majority of buyers shop on this online marketplace by searching stores instead of products. Therefore, having an image-focused storefront will significantly help you build and promote your brand.

You can also structure the storefront in a way that looks exactly like your website’s. This will help you retail according to your inventory.

Furthermore, Rakuten.com gives you incredible options. These include promoting your Rakuten shopping store on social media to build traffic or let customers and buyers discover the products on their own.

2. To Participate in Promotions

This marketplace runs promotions and deals on a daily basis. It also gives its retailers endless opportunities to participate in those promotions.

Rakuten allows you to work with your account manager, basically an e-commerce consultant (ECC). This consultant helps you identify different opportunities and ways to promote your products.

Doing this will help you drive traffic towards your store. And if you have already established a branded storefront, the results are likely to be manifold.

3. To Enhance Your Content Quality

Using the Rakuten.com marketplace, you can create custom product pages (CPPs). Particularly for those products that you want to bring to the front and wish to highlight. You can also include a video demo of the product with this, any technical specification there might be, taglines and images as well.

This rich and quality content will help buyers clear any confusion they might have about your product. It will also increase their confidence in your products. This will further help drive customers towards buying your products.

Some of the most important and key features of CPPs include:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Qualified listings for promotional opportunities
  • Ability to use videos and media images
  • Increased control over content updates

3. To Ad SKUs

SKUs stand for stock keeping units, which is basically a distinct type of item that is on sale. It could be a product or a service, but one that it highly distinctive from other types of items.

Needless to say, adding more SKUs on Rakuten.com will help you offer the right product to each buyer, according to their requirements. Since you will also have your own branded storefront on the marketplace, a greater number of SKUs will help you build and enhance your online presence on Rakuten.com and further allow all your buyers to view your offers.

Simply put, Rakuten is just the right marketplace for you to grow and expand your business.

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