How to Optimize Your Product Images to Sell More Products

AMZ Seller Financing   •   August 20, 2018

optimize product images

If you want to be a successful Amazon seller, you need to constantly keep improving. You mustn’t lose sight of the fact that your competition is huge. Therefore, it’s always the right time to make your online store better.

One of the most important aspects of any successful Amazon store is the set of product images used. Your customers won’t spend a lot of time in your online store if there are no captivating images. Here’s how you can optimize product images to boost your sales.

How to Optimize Product Images to Boost Sales

1. Only Use High-Resolution Images

Imagine a customer visiting your Amazon store and finding out that all the pictures are blurry. They want to take a closer look at the products, but they can’t – because they cannot see them properly. This will only result in your losing a huge chunk of your customer base. You might even risk the future of your online store.
So, make sure that all your images are in high-resolution. By doing this, you will enable your customers to enjoy browsing your products. And you will appear more professional. If your images are at least 1000 pixels in height or width (on the longest side), you’re good to go.
Why is this important? Well, it’s a fact that the bigger the image, the higher the conversion. Large, clear images enhance customer experience and reinforce trust in the brand. It also lets customers get to know the product before they purchase it.
Also, bigger images enable the use of zoom. If your customers want to take a closer look at some of the product features, they can do it easily on big images, because there will be no blur. Nowadays, the product zoom has become so common that most customers simply won’t bother if they cannot zoom at a product they like.

2. Use a Clean, White Background and High-Quality Images

Visual appeal is what really makes the sale. Your product can have the best description possible, and fantastic features. But, if it’s not visually appealing – it just won’t make the sale. Many Amazon sellers couldn’t figure out what the problem was for years until they realized their images were the real cause of poor sales.
To make a product image stand out, be sure to remove any background and leave only white. Amazon has strict guidelines concerning product images. You cannot just post any kind of content that you like. The background of product images can only be white, while the actual product should be in focus. There should also be no additional objects, apart from the product that you’re selling. Anything you add will only confuse customers, and make the actual image look bad.
However, you’re not limited to only one product color. Show your product in all the colors you have. Customers love when they have an array to pick from. This also makes your Amazon store look more professional.
Also, the actual product should take up at least 85% of the whole image, to achieve the desired effect. In addition to this, you should only use those images that point out product attributes. For example, if you want the customers to notice a particular product feature, find the right image angle. The feature in question should be easy to see, and it should be striking. Show as much as you can visually.
Make sure that your product images look professional in terms of focus, lighting, and composition. They will result in higher sales.

3. Use More Than One Image (and One Image Angle) per Product

We’ve already mentioned that you should show your products in multiple colors, if you have them. But it’s also important to show several images of the same product. This is important because your customers cannot experience your products physically. They cannot touch or feel them.
Therefore, you have to simulate that experience for them. Your customers have to feel like they’re in a real store, examining the products in their own hands. The best way to do this is by offering customers several images for every single product.
If you’re selling shoes – show them from every angle. If you’re selling fishing equipment – focus on every major part of it,etc.. Just think about it. What do you usually do when you go into a physical shop and take a product from the shelf? You move it around and look at it from every possible angle. That’s exactly the experience that you should offer to your online visitors.
Of course, you don’t have to show every single part of every single product. There’s no need to. But make sure that you cover the most important ones (the striking features). Your product images should contain everything that makes your products unique. And the more your customers learn from your product images, the more likely they will be to shop with you.
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