5 Pro Tips That Will Help You Increase Profits on Etsy

AMZ Seller Financing   •   February 4, 2019

how to sell more on Etsy

The Etsy platform has made things very easy and convenient for crafters and artisans. They can showcase their creativity and get rewarded for it in terms of increased sales, profits and market share.

However, there is a difference between being just an Etsy seller and a successful Etsy seller.

To fall in the latter category, you have to make an extra effort that goes beyond simply setting up your shop in this marketplace. You have to display true entrepreneurial skills and expertise. That will help you to generate enough success for your business.

Here are 5 pro tips that will show you how to sell more on Etsy.

These tips will also help you gain significant popularity among potential customers.

How to Sell More on Etsy

1. Use Professional and Quality Photos

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and so is the case when it comes to your Etsy shop.

To make a true impression and attract a large number of customers, you must use high-quality photos. They need to be high-resolution and professional.

You also have to showcase your product in great detail. Therefore, you should use different angles with varying staging and lighting to make your product stand out.

A major advantage that comes with appealing photography is that it manages to stick in the customer’s mind. For example, if you sell candles on your Etsy shop, a picture of a candle against a white background would qualify as a great photo.

However, what could make it even better and more attractive would be a shot with candles laid out on a dinner table.

That’s because a picture with a story always sells. So, it is best to tell your customers a story through your product shots.

2. Make SEO Your Best Friend

This goes without saying, most of your potential customers will come from internet searches. Thus, your Etsy shop should be SEO-friendly so that all your products and your shop rank among the top searches.

You might have spent several hours creating beautiful photography. Your products may even be the best in the market. However, your shop will not be able to earn a single dime if your customers are unable to find your store.

For that, you should have SEO-optimized content in order for your shop to show up on an Etsy site search or in a Web search.

For instance, your Etsy shop is all about leather boots. Having simple product titles like “leather boots” might not do the trick.

The key here is to still have simple titles but specific and narrowed down.

So, you could instead write, “black leather moccasin boots”. This would help you to boost your search results. Thus, you should learn to insert keywords properly in all your product titles along with correct tags and descriptions.

3. Conduct Thorough Market Research

On a global platform like Etsy, you are likely to find other sellers with a similar shop and products.

All this does is increase the level of competition among different shops and sellers. So, your sales can take a downturn at any time if another store has the same products at cheaper rates, compared to yours.

You certainly don’t want that, not when the competition is so tough.

Always remember to check your products along with pricing against those of your competitors before officially listing them on your shop. You need to make your merchandise stand out among all others, even if that requires you to sell for less.

While lower prices may lead to small profit margins, you never know. The tables might just turn in your favor!

4. Promote Your Business on Social Media

Needless to say, social media has become an incredibly powerful tool in today’s time. And it can truly help you make your business.

Nowadays, it also plays a huge part in helping businesses reach their potential customers and make themselves ‘known’ and ‘heard’.

A platform like Etsy is undeniably a great place for businesses to grow and flourish. However, you cannot expect much to happen just by putting up your products on your Etsy shop and hoping that customers will notice you.

You have to make your business stand out and put yourself out there on social media. This will help people to learn about what you have to offer.
Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent social media platforms for your Etsy shop. They will help increase your visibility by promoting your blog, sales, products, and so much more.

After all, social media is a free marketing opportunity that you can use in any way you want and attract a massive pool of customers. All it will cost is your time and nothing else!

5. Start Blogging

Once you have an online presence on Etsy, the next step is going out there and showcasing your shop.

An excellent way to advertise your shop and acquire expert credibility in your given field is through blogging. You can either go for guest blogging or start a blog of your own. In both cases, you are likely to gain exposure and promote your business.

As mentioned before, on a platform like Etsy, you will find several sellers with products and shops that are similar to yours. What will truly set your shop apart is the extent to which you promote your shop and that too, beyond the Etsy site.

By guest blogging on other different craft sites, you will be able to create knowledge about your shop. If people like your content, they will eventually end up following you on your various social media accounts.

Same is the case with starting your own blog. You will get a chance to share details of your products, and about yourself, too. The key here is to make sure to use relevant keywords for SEO.

The main takeaway for you here is that there is never going to be a single magical fix that will bring you loads of success and prosperity. You need a solid strategic plan, an excellent marketing campaign and, of course, a whole lot of patience.

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