7 Reasons to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

E-Commerce Seller Financing   •   March 22, 2021

Sell on Walmart Marketplace

While Amazon and eBay hog most of the limelight when it comes to online marketplaces, they are also extremely saturated. Competition on them tends to be considerable. Therefore, it can be very beneficial for a marketplace seller to expand to other platforms, such as Walmart Marketplace.

While Walmart Marketplace isn’t a new option for sellers, it hasn’t been as popular as the titan Amazon or other platforms. Yet, over the past years, it’s been showing an increasingly accelerated growth. So, if you aren’t on it yet, it may be prime time to join.

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace?

Keep in mind that the signup process for Walmart Marketplace differs from that of other platforms. Instead of being able to set up an account and start selling right away, you need to go through a review process. So, you need to first submit an application that gets reviewed by Walmart staff.

If you are only starting out as an e-commerce seller and do not have an established reputation that can be verified through reviews, you may not be able to start selling right away. However, if you’ve been in business for some time and have a proven record of happy customers and orders fulfilled on time, you may have a good chance of getting approved.

Top Reasons to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

1. Increased Exposure

From being a less popular Amazon alternative, Walmart has steadily grown in popularity. With over 300 million monthly visitors, it shows no signs of stopping its growth.

Statistics also show that about half of Amazon’s shoppers also shop on Walmart Marketplace. This means that there is a great number of buyers whom you may not be able to reach on other platforms.

Moreover, due to the rapid growth of Walmart, competition is set to increase over time. Therefore, you can gain exposure and boost your profile so that you can stand out from the crowd when Walmart becomes as mainstream as Amazon and eBay.

2. A Boost in Authority and Credibility

Walmart ranks among the largest and most trusted global retailers. Since the platform thoroughly vets the sellers that it allows on the platform, being eligible to sell can give your e-commerce business a boost in authority and credibility.

3. No Monthly Fees

The fees that Walmart charges its sellers make it a low-risk platform and one of the best online marketplaces to sell your products on. You aren’t expected to pay monthly maintenance fees or yearly listing fees that can put you in the negatives if you aren’t bringing in enough sales.

Instead, the platform only charges referral fees for the products that you sell. These range from 8%-20% depending on the category that your products are in. So, you only pay when you make sales, and you won’t have to spend anything if you do not sell at all.

The platform also does not have any limitations on inventory size. So, if you get approved, you can list all the products that you have.

4. Option to Outsource Order Fulfilment

What attracts many shoppers to Amazon is its fast shipping. Amazon helps its sellers do this using the FBA program and offering buyers Prime membership. As a close rival, Walmart Marketplace offers its Free 2-Day Shipping. The service is executed by Walmart’s partner Deliverr.

In addition to getting products to their buyers faster, the 2-day shipping program has its own category which filters products that are eligible from those that aren’t. It also increases the chances of winning the Buy Box.

5. Secure Transactions and Operations

Walmart has been in e-commerce for decades, and throughout this time it has developed processes that make transactions and operations safe not only for buyers but also sellers. The platform also facilitates a fast payment process which can lower the rate at which customers abandon their carts. And the best part is that nothing additional is required from you.

6. Walmart’s Customer Support

If you sell on your own website, you need to take care of customer support. If you operate alone or have a very small team, this can be overwhelming.

When you sell on Walmart Marketplace, you can take advantage of the platform’s customer support if any service-related issues occur. When it comes to information or issues with your products, you’ll need to handle them.

7. Ability to Set Your Own Return Policy

Walmart Marketplaces offers sellers the opportunity to set their own return policies and does not impose a standardized one. Therefore, you can set policies that not only protect your e-commerce business but also offer attractive support to buyers who shop with you, offering you a competitive edge.

E-Commerce Seller Financing Can Help You From on Walmart Marketplace

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