The Importance of Content for Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce Seller Financing   •   September 30, 2021

Wwhen it comes to selling online the saying goes “content is king”, and in a post-Covid world, it has never been more true. With more and more businesses choosing to operate online it’s becoming harder than ever to stand out to consumers. Whether you’re offering a product or a service, the only way that you’ll earn loyal custom and grow the customer base of your eCommerce business is through earning their respect and trust.

A Solid Relationship is Built on Trust and Loyalty – Use Original Content to Forge This with Your Customers

A sure-fire way to do so is regularly producing organic content, which can be done either through your website, social media platforms, or both. It’s essential to create engaging copy and visual marketing to sell your products directly, but it only goes as far as the people specifically seeking out your services. Through creating organic content you engage a wider audience, showcase expertise in your field, and ultimately funnel customers back in for increased sales. In today’s landscape having a solid content strategy for the web is essential to a strong eCommerce business plan.

How to Approach Web Content

When it comes to creating content there are two key facets – consistency and relevance. Writing one good blog isn’t going to turn your business around, on the contrary, you need to regularly publish content through your channels to keep your existing customers engaged, and to create links with as many new customers as possible. In terms of relevance, it’s vital to produce content around the sphere of your business that’s both easy to find and that people want to absorb.

Consistency can be achieved fairly easily through a scheduled plan, but ensuring your content is relevant can be a little more complicated. An increasingly common method of making sure your written content speaks to your target audience is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is the practice of incorporating ‘keywords’ and ‘search terms’ into your content so it appears as a relevant result in search engines.

SEO Content Writing Tips to Increase your Reach.

  • Use keyword tools, such as Semrush or Wordstream to determine the search frequency and value of words and phrases relevant to the topics you focus on.
  • Incorporate keywords organically into your content. If it looks or feels out of place it probably is, and people will notice. Using keywords as sub-headings when possible can help to avoid unnatural sounding prose.
  • Create links with other businesses – featuring links to relevant content from both your own company and other businesses demonstrates awareness of the field and can earn you reciprocal backlinks.

When it comes to the competitive world of eCommerce it’s hard to get by doing the bare minimum. Regularly creating relevant, engaging content is a way to show that you’re willing to go above and beyond for your customers, as well as spreading your brand message wider.