7 Trending Products to Sell in 2021

E-Commerce Seller Financing   •   February 8, 2021

Trending products 2021

Adding new products and even entire product lines can not only excite your buyers, but also attract new potential customers, and increase your sales.  Choosing popular and trending products is an amazing way of doing so.

Selling trending products is something that many e-commerce business owners oppose as they believe it makes you just like everyone else. While your online store should absolutely be unique as a part of its branding strategy, there can be benefits in adding popular products to your inventory.

Selling trending products can increase your store’s visibility and traffic. Due to the increased competition that the coronavirus pandemic has caused, this alone is a valuable reason to add trending products to your 2021 inventory.

You also have a great chance of getting repeat customers who are actively looking for such products. Moreover, trending products tend to have high availability. So, if you run a dropshipping business, you are unlikely to run out of stock.

Let’s review some of the trending products in 2021 so that you can select one or a few that fit your business model and can satisfy the needs of your buyers.

Trending Products to Add to Your Inventory in 2021

1. Athleisure

Athleisure, or a comfortable form of activewear that can be used both to lounge at home and to work out, has been rather popular during the past few years. Now, we live during an unprecedented time – a pandemic that has caused many shifts in buyer behavior.

Many have switched to working from home whereas many others simply spend more time at home due to government restrictions and lockdowns. Athleisure is cozy and comfortable clothing one can wear at home.

Moreover, there is an increased interest and demand for at-home exercise which makes athleisure a perfect form of clothing. You can not only feel comfortable but also don’t have an excuse not to get a workout in.

You can design your own athleisure or use print-on-demand service. Consider partnering with brand ambassadors or influencers and sharing user-generated content on your social media channels.

2. Exercise Bands

Due to the pandemic exercise band are some of the most trending products to sell in 2021. When the pandemic first hit, gyms were closed, resulting in a huge spike in exercise equipment sales. Retailers even ran out of dumbbells and weights due to the high demand.

Exercise bands are an excellent and more affordable alternative to weights. They come in different intensities allowing one to modify workout types and combine different exercises. They are also much lighter and easier to take with you. So, when the pandemic is, hopefully, over, your customers will be able to take them along on trips and holidays.

If you decide to sell exercise bands, you can share exercise tips and workout videos showcasing your products on social media platforms.

3. Yoga Mats

Yoga and Pilates mats are other trending products to consider in 2021. Due to the pandemic, many exercise at home, increasing the demand for home exercise equipment.

Pilates is a form of strengthening exercise while yoga has numerous benefits such as reduces stress and anxiety, which buyers nowadays have plenty of.

The yoga and pilates community is relatively health–conscious, so make sure to select mats that are made of quality materials and do not contain harmful chemicals. Consider partnering with brand ambassadors and influencers and resharing content that they post using your mats on your channels.

4. Teeth Whitening Products

If your e-commerce store is in the beauty industry, teeth whitening products can be great trending products to add to your inventory in 2021. This will allow your buyers to easily DIY their teeth-whitening at home and look sharp for all those Zoom conferences that their workplace requires.

Do make sure to collect testimonials and even before and after photos made by users. They can be great proof for new customers and social media content.

5. Laser Hair Removal Products

Laser air removal products have been growing in popularity over the past years. They provide a convenient and long-term solution for hair removal. Nowadays, laser removal technology has evolved, making these devices compact and rather affordable.

User testimonials and influencer videos showing how to use your products can be an excellent way of building trust and attracting new buyers.

6. Wireless Headphones

Headphones have always had a steady demand. Wireless headphones are no different, Because they are free of wires, can be used to follow exercise videos without disturbing others and participate in Zoom calls without having everyone know what they are about.

Many wireless headphones come with a built-in microphone which can be useful for calls.

You can partner with brand ambassadors and offer special discounts for their followers.

7. Face Masks

While a year ago facemasks were something that we saw used in Asian countries as protection against pollution, they have become normality and a must due to the pandemic.

Since surgical masks and other widely sold masks aren’t that attractive, many opt for more visually appealing versions that better fit their style and personality. So, there is no surprise that face masks are among the trending products to sell in 2021.

Keep in mind that not every mask is made equal. There is much criticism for them being ineffective, and many do not provide the protection necessary. So, do your homework and research what makes an effective mask to ensure that your masks are dense enough and seal properly to fully protect your buyers.

Having a unique design and displaying your branding can help your brand gain more organic exposure and serve as a free advertisement.

Final Worlds

The COVID-19 pandemic has been steadily shaping the e-commerce industry. It has not only affected buyer behavior, but also the products that are in demand and trending in 2021. Consider adding some of them to your inventory to satisfy this growing and shifting demand.

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